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MĀORI HAKA FOR WOMEN : A Workshop of Tradition & Ceremony

Sunday September 6th, 2015 at 1 PM

Sunset Labs

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A Workshop of Tradition & Ceremony

a special day with Mihirangi from Aotearoa (New Zealand)
For Grandmothers, Mothers, Sisters, Aunties and Daughters

Sunday Sept 6th: 1pm – 4pm

The haka is an ancient Māori challenge, a dance and chant that shows a fierce display of strength and unity, a way of summoning spiritual power for a very specific intention, be it for ancient battles, celebration, joy, strength, births, deaths, defiance, contempt, courage or even for food. There are traditional and contemporary haka for many occasions and women have always had their own haka that invokes and expresses their potency, their pow...er, virtues, culture, lore, and sacredness. The haka is a display of unison, in the hearts and minds of those performing it, operating as one unit of strength - the hands, feet, legs, body, voice, eyes, mind and spirit are as one.

This is a cultural journey of the Wahine Toa – the Female Warrior and the power of the feminine. Experience the character, heart, and spirit of the haka – the powerful warrior’s dance. Learn the calls, actions, words, their history, meaning, traditions, kaupapa (protocols) and mana (power). As well as having the opportunity to write and perform a haka for your community. No singing or dancing experience necessary.
Mihirangi is an internationally acclaimed artist and has performed traditional and contemporary Maori songs, dances and instruments since she was a little girl. Of Ngāti Rākeiora descent, a lineage of Tōhunga (experts, healers, keepers of tradition and genealogies), Mihirangi shares the stories and traditions of her Elders and Grandmothers. For the last 20 years Mihirangi has been passionately dedicated to learning and researching her ancestral Whakapapa (ancient genealogies) and the history and stories of each generation, their lives, their land, the people and their traditions. In doing so she honours and acknowledges those whose traditional knowledge and experience is passed on through her blood line. Mihirangi is a proud advocate of her culture and her workshops are renowned to be captivating, passionate, compassionate, generous, witty and humorous.

Age 12yrs+ | $30 ( $25 students/pensioners)
Elders (60+) & Girls 12-15yrs are FREE.
(Girls 12-15yrs must be accompanied by a parent or guardian)
eTransfer or PayPal to payments@sunsetlabs.ca

Hosted at Sunset Labs | 401 Herald St, Victoria BC
(located behind Value Village) See More

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